Hello, and thanks for considering a toy submission through Weredog!
Different manufacturers will ask for different things, so to make things easier, we’ll clarify a few things here about our process, your design, and technical specifications on your models.

After Submission

We don’t like to tie people into extensive contracts immediately upon submission; for that reason, we operate a slightly different type of contract. When you submit a model to us, you agree that it is an exclusive submission to Weredog (meaning neither you nor other bodies may sell representations of it) for an initial 365 days; during which time we may either choose to put your model into production, or allow the contract to lapse. This means that if we don’t opt to use the model, the rights will default back to you, leaving you free to produce it or pitch it to other companies as you wish.
This also means that if you have submitted a model through another company, it is likely to be unsuitable for submission to us – please try not to send us files that are contractually bound to other people!
If we choose your model, we will be in touch to secure a permanent contract, and will discuss a fair price for the rights to its use. We outright purchase the rights to the file and its likeness, and we’ll usually offer you a copy of the model for free once it’s in production.
Since some people have asked; yes, we will certainly take models for free, if you are just modelling for the fun of it. We’ll still insist that we make you a copy of the model as thanks, should that be the case!

Overall Design

– Avoid overhangs. Large details which ‘jut out’ from the model significantly are not likely to cast well, and will need to be made more subtle.
– Penetrating toys must have a base of some kind. We know plenty of people like egg-shaped things and toys which you can swallow completely, but for people’s safety, there must be a clear point past which the user is not intended to go!
– Models may take inspiration from characters, but should always attempt to be original in some way. Do remember that if a toy is based on an original character, the one which appears on the website will be a distinct new character with its own name; we don’t feature people’s actual characters as models!
– We can reproduce surface details down to a certain level, but complex finishing and texturing may be partially lost if it uses sub-millimetre details. This will improve over time, but for now, don’t go too overboard with tiny veins and wrinkles.

Technical Advice

– We will accept STL and OBJ formats for your submissions – and you’re welcome to upload images in JPG and PNG format if you’ve got concepts you’d like to share.
– Generally, try to keep your files below 350MB. This ought to be enough room for a good amount of detail, but let us know if you have something particularly large you’d like to submit, and we’ll see what works.
– Please make sure any separate shells in your file are boolean’d together, that your mesh is intact and solid, and that there are no holes in the surface – including the base.