Are you a 3D modeller?

While we’ve got designs of our own, we want to see what our community would like from a toy – so we’re opening for model submissions!

You can see below for the full submissions guidelines and process, but TL:DR;

We’re looking mostly for CAD files (STL/OBJ), but drawn concepts are of interest as well;

You’ll be paid for the rights to models which are accepted into our catalogue, and;

We’ll almost always create new names/characters to go with the models. No personal OCs, though you are welcome to have a design take inspiration from one!

OK, I'm interested, what do I need to do?

Register An Account

The first step to submitting a design is to register an account at – please make sure to fill out personal contact details so we can get in touch!

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I've done that, what next?

Look over the Guidelines

We expect you’ll either have a model already prepared, or are waiting to see what we’d like before getting to work.

We’ve detailed some technical specifications, legal stuff and general design guidance here:

Submission Guidelines

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Submit your Model!

Drop your files and any comments you have into our submission page, and we’ll review your design (a process which sometimes includes private feedback or a public vote). If we’d like to use your model or can see changes that would make it more ideal, we’ll be in touch!

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